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“Where do you get that energy?” I often get asked.
There’s new research that shows there IS a PMA (positive mental attitude) gene that helps with people waking up with a smile on their face.  While some have to work harder than others – so far they haven’t found a gene for energy – so WHAT can you do to maintain energy throughout the day?

1.  Work in your “EZ”  Everyone has their Energy Zone.  For example I am NOT a morning person so I don’t book important meetings that time of day.  If you can control your schedule at all – manage your time more effectively so that you are working in your highest EZ.

2.  Take mental breaks – It’s amazing when you can stop, close your eyes and mentally “take off” somewhere else.  What mental picture rejuvenates YOU?  For me it’s rocking and singing to a newborn.  Maybe yours is that hole in one golf shot, or that beach in Jamaica.  At work – They may have your body – but they don’t always have your mind – so stop and take mental vacations during the day.

3. Walk during lunch – I enjoy driving and walking down side streets to learn about my neighborhood.  It helps allot when there are construction issues – I always know of other ways to get into and out of work.

4.  De-tox and eat better.  Sugar is a bad drug and hard to break.  Mine is diet coca cola.  So each year I detox several times to cleanse my system.  Some of my friends to a juice fast and one of the ways I always feel better is to do a candida cleanse.  Of course check with your doctor but my friends and I have found it really works at a little weight loss and allot more energy.


Seek Out First Time Experiences in the Second Half of Your Life

I love this “touchstone” I have hanging in my office.  It seems the older we get the more excuses we have NOT to participate actively in life.  “I might break a nail” if I learn how to climb rocks.  “I might break a leg” if I roller blade with my kids.  “What would the neighbors say if they saw me out there on my kid’s scooter”?  

All we’re doing is shutting down our bodies and our minds with this type of negative talk.  “Just like fruit on a tree, if you’re not continuing to grow, then you’re ripe, and beginning to rot” my friend told me.

When do we usually have our “first time experiences”?  When we were children.  We couldn’t wait to learn how to ride a bike, a scooter, a horse.  We couldn’t wait until we were old enough to drive, to go out on our own to experience new things.  And now that we’re there, allot of us are just plain tired! 

It’s the continuing to stretch ourselves that adds to our life balance.  It keeps us from becoming isolated in mind and spirit.  It allows us to have interesting conversation with all types of people. 

I have some in-laws that are just the most boring people in the world.  When we meet at the Holiday table, to catch up with “what’s new”, after taking about the kids and the grandkids and what’s for dessert…the conversation dead ends.  Now that some of my children are adults, they too have noticed the “work” that it takes to make a connection past the superficial.

The feelings of fear, anticipation and victorious success should not be saved only for the young.  And I’m not telling you necessarily, to “go out on a limb”.  You don’t have to risk your life to enjoy this life balance technique.  You can stretch yourself with new menus, new travels, new dances.  Learning to juggle, do judo, ballet (yes even as old as you are), fish, play cards, anything that you’ve never done before COUNTS!

Make a list of all the things you haven’t done in life yet and try the easiest ones, closest to home first.  After those first few successes (and remember I don’t believe in failure because if you’ve learned something from the experience it’s a SUCCESS) you will be more confident to try others.  It’s just a matter of taking that first step…

So…start something today!


You Have the Right to Ask for Help!

In my seminars I often tease that some women believe they were born with a tattoo that says, “I can do it all”…or “I must do it all.” I then ask for someone to show me that tattoo. Although we all laugh, it’s not a laughing matter. The sad fact is that 67 percent of working mothers in America come home and make dinner all by themselves. Worse yet, 72 percent of them clean up after dinner, again all by themselves.

Let’s look at the younger generation. My children have known since they were small that there’s no such thing as the “Kitchen Fairy.” Food doesn’t magically show up on the table. They’ve also learned that a family consists of team members and coaches. Everyone has a part to play to show appreciation and advance the team’s efforts. That’s probably why one of my sons is a chef today. He knew that if Mom was in the kitchen, then everyone was.

If your child can pick up a crayon to color, then that child can pick up a fork and help set the table. If your child is smart enough to work a computer, then that child can learn how the knobs on a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer work. And I’ve found most children love the opportunity to show how grown up they are and “pitch in.”

Now let’s look at the older generation, which often sees accepting help as a sign of weakness. My Dad was the full-time caregiver for my Mom, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. We kids would ask if we could help, and he would always say, “No.”
Once a week I set aside a day to give my Dad a break from caregiving. I’d show up and tell him, “Dad, I’m going to be here for the next three hours. So if you want to sit here, you can. But if you’d rather go get your hair cut, or walk the dog, or go to the grocery store, I’m here.” Finally he did see the wisdom of accepting help.

That brings me to take a look at myself. It’s the automatic No I’m thinking in my head when someone offers help. It takes me a minute to convert that to a verbal Yes. So now I’ve created some touchstones in my office that read…

Who can do this as well as I can? Delegate!
Who can do this better than I can? Ask for help!

Before you say, “No, thank you,” think about it, and maybe say, “Yes, thank you.”
It is a reminder that

You Have the Right to
Ask for Help!

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