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Life Balance Self Assessment

Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

For this assessment, rate yourself on a scale from 0-5. 5 will represent that this ALWAYS applies to you. O will mean this NEVER applies to you, 1 means rarely, 2=sometimes, 3 = 50% of the time, and 4 = often. Ready to start? GO!

___ I lack mental energy
___ I have financial concerns
___ I often get up feeling tired in the morning
___ I have no time for friends
___ In the middle of the day I’d like to take a nap
___ I have no time for exercise
___ I start my morning with caffeine
___ I tend to overeat and often look for sweets
___ I smoke or have more than 5 drinks a week
___ My family makes too many demands on me
___ My job makes too many demands on me
___ I have little joy in my life
___ I’m not especially interested in sex
___ I don’t daydream
___ I have trouble saying “no” to people
___ I have no time to give back to the community
___ I misplace things often
___ I have trouble concentrating or focusing
___ I have headaches
___ I am stressed in traffic
___ I have a sarcastic tongue
___ When I finish work I feel exhausted
___ Other people “get on my nerves”
___ I feel depressed
___ I ‘m not well organized

Now total your score and put it in this blank _________.
Your goal should be to have a score between 25-30. How’d you do? In my audiences, when we take this assessment 99.9% of the people have a score way above 30 points. So I will tell you what I tell them! Good for you! You’ve come to the right place! There are solutions here that are going to make a difference in your life! So what do you do next?

What’s today’s date? Add thirty days to it and write the date here: ____________________. I want you to take this assessment again on that date and see if you’ve learned (and are using) techniques to lower today’s score.

Where do you start? Highlight or circle the 4’s or 5’s that you have on your assessment. Those are your “no see-ums”. What’s a no see-um? In Florida we have these sand gnats that everyone calls no see-ums cause you can’t…BUT you sure can feel them. If you don’t pay attention you can get “eaten alive” by them.

Your 4’s and 5’s are like that. You know the body is a miraculous machine, and when it’s in trouble your no see-ums have ways of letting us know. It starts as a whisper (headache, insomnia, crabbiness) and if we DON’T pay attention will create a roar (cancer, heart attack, depression). So today resolve to “pay attention”.

I take this assessment whenever I begin to get crabby or get insomnia. If I’m driving down the street and wanting to cuss (under my breath) at the driver in front of me, that’s a signal that something in my life is out of balance because I’m not normally a foul-mouthed woman.

In my courses there are solutions to lower the scores in each of these areas. Of course you could always do a key word search on the web and find additional books and tapes to listen to. Life Balance is the most requested topic these days for keynotes and training. After taking this assessment you can understand why!

Life Balance Score sheet allows you to find out where you are out of balance.  You may want to join as a member to get one tip a week to replace olds habit with new ones

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