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Whether you’re a man or a woman – we ALL need help with getting your life in balance.52 ways to get a life ebook cover

52 REAL Tips and Strategies that WORK!

EBOOK – Change your life by implementing one tip each week – topics include…

How to get help in the kitchen

No more housework, yard work, or business on weekends

De-clutter your life  and get better organizedebook GAL w man

How to handle the mountains of mail and reading material

Create “Gifts of the Heart” (c) more valuable than money and last a lifetime

How to reconnect with friends

How to NOT over commit yourself to family, friends or work and find time for YOU

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GetaLifeBalanced eBook $49.99


30 Power Plates

30 Power Plates

 30 PowerPlates – Motivational Phrases Mentioned in Get a Life Balanced Podcast – downloaded to you to print on your colorful paper of choice.   A Sample of the Phrases – You Have the Right to Say No!, Seek Out FIRST Time Experiences in the SECOND Half of Your Life, and many more.

30 PowerPlates Just $9.99


The DISC profile she talks about for understanding yourself and others

How to Tuck ’em In – A great little ebook with techniques that work to get those kids back into THEIR bed while leaving a legacy

The Working Woman’s Bill of Rights – 10 rights every woman should know and OWN

Listen UP! Don’t Talk DOWN! – A creative work and coloring book for kids to write their dreams and scheme into and for those who love them to open up lines of communication on THEIR topics.


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