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Ever feel like tumbleweed being blown around in this crazy world called the “new normal”?  Here are REAL tips and strategies by a proven Life Balance Expert who “gets it”.  Tips on de-cluttering, getting help at home, finding time for friends, creating rituals that save time and leave a legacy with those you love.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married, a parent or not, EVERYONE can benefit from these upbeat sessions!

Session 1Self-Assessment- The Good the Bad and the Needed.   This is our FIRST session and gives you the opportunity to take a self-assessment to understand where you may be out of balance.  Once you understand your “score” you will know WHERE to focus and which session to listen to next.  All of these tips are real life proven!  Listen, learn and ENJOY!

Session 2Are YOU successful?  Right now today?  We want you to put your head on your pillow tonight and say YES!   Do you know the RIGHT Definition of Success?– Define it, Write it, and Post it – If YOU don’t define your success other’s will do that for you – and use that definition to control or manipulate you.  Knowing your definition makes it easier for you to make better choices and balance your life.

Session 3 Get a Grip With the busy-ness of life we sometimes get isolated. How important is it to reach out to others? It’s imperative because you CAN’T know everything about everything since we have moved from the technology age into the information age.  So how do you network effective and Get a Grip with others?  Rub shoulders AND minds to help balance your life.

Session 4You Cannot Have it ALL! Expectations today are so high for ourselves and the people we put into our lives – so instead look at life as a Buffet Table of Choices.  Today we will talk about how to make better choices.

Session 5 – How to Deal with Time Stealers.  How do you deal with the two types of interrupters?  Those who stop by and those who just walk in WHILE you are working.  Did you know those interruptions cost you 22 minutes?  That’s how long it takes to get re-focused AFTER the interruption

Session 6 Interview with Single Parent Chris – a single Dad talks about his challenge of “wanting control” and not delegating.  How do you handle your child telling you they need more time with you? Chris picks up tips on how to delegate to get his life balanced

Session 7 -How to Say NO Without Sounding Passive or Aggressive! Six savvy ways to do it – don’t get over booked on committees or overused as a volunteer.  Understand how NOT to get to host ALL the family events and much more – these tools REALLY work!

Session 8 – Umbrella Living.  This strategy helps you get more done is less time – This is a FUN and visual technique that you can share with your family, and even co-workers!  BONUS! How to hold effective meetings.

SPECIAL SESSIONGifts of the Heart!  Don’t stress during the Holidays worrying about where to find those gifts and the money to pay for them – Here you will find the MOST PRECIOUS gifts cost next to nothing and leave a legacy that will last a lifetime!

Session 9Hold KTC’s – There’s nothing better than to stop the nagging or whining!  And THIS tool empowers ALL to better communication and FUN by holding KTC’s,

 Session 10Use the BULLFIGHT problem solving tool!  This great toll makes problem solvers of anyone – focus on the positive and on solutions instead of wasting time on things you cannot control – great tool to use with KTC’s

Session 11 – The Power of the Zitch List!  This idea can be used at work AND at home – and it’s really better to start with THIS tool and THEN impliment the BullFight in Session 10 after  you have held a KTC discussed in Session 9.  Enjoy!

Session 12 – Re-institute Dinner Time.  Not as difficult as you may think and imperative to become the glue that keeps your family bonded.  There’s lots of ways to do it – just listen 🙂

 Session 13 Remember When You Had Friends?  And NO NOT the one’s you WORK with – come on – you’ve got to expand your life AWAY from work and here are some creative ideas from listeners on just how to make that happen!


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